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Since 1980

We break the bottlenecks that hinder business growth and impede progress.

Enact is a boutique consulting firm, focused on creating bold, customized solutions for progressive organizations.

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Who We Are

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Decades of Business Consulting Experience

Our Success In helping businesses has been sustained over time

Co-Founded by Cathy Sunshine and Lynn Pollard, Enact is backed by over 70 years of combined experience working with organizations and leaders in virtually every industry. 

Lynn’s experience with senior-level management compliments Cathy’s experience with the C-suite, and both are steeped in the how-tos of execution in the digital era.

In January of 2019, after years of looping each other in on projects large and small, the two powerhouse coach advisors officially joined forces. Determined to use their complementary skills to enact meaningful change for their clients, a co-executive decision was made.

They would call their firm Enact! While their careers are mature and robust, Enact is a spring chicken!

Cathy and Lynn are an extraordinary team of exceptional thinkers and thought partners. Their deep specialized expertise enables breakthrough growth with no extraneous nor time consuming add-ons…just the core components that jumpstart energy, transform culture and enliven leadership … a boutique firm with all the experience and tools of a big consulting firm.

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Why Choose Us?

Meaningful change that shifts the course of your future.

Immersed In Your World

Shoulder to shoulder with you, we assist in areas of culture, strategy, leadership and structure.

Breaking the Speed of Change

A special type of agility becomes key; one achieved with high level synchronization, throughput, and streamlined enterprise behavior. We solve the problem in the simplest most effective manner possible.

Unique Perspective

Breaking through traditional thinking to answer complex problems.

Our proprietary Ranked Advantage Design™ enables organizations like yours to accelerate throughput, improve culture, strengthen leadership and quickly drive business outcomes.

Lighting the Goal, Unexpected Clarity

Once revealed, you will know what to do next.

The Solution

In 21st Century Post-Covid reality, you can expect:

  • Freedom from obstacles
  • Customer engagement and loyalty
  • Revitalized leadership
  • A culture of emotional safety and accountability
  • Sustainable results

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Cathy's Book SYNC'd

Guide to Behavioral Change and Strategy

A practical guide to the structural and human behavioral change required to succeed in a digital era.

by Cathy Sunshine

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